London Marathon

Eligibility Rules for London Marathon 'Club' Places

Each year in November/December, the club receive a number of "club" entries to the London Marathon. Typically this is either 2 or 3 places.

The following guidelines are used to select those club members to receive the "club" entries.

A set of five criteria are defined below.  A club member who wishes to be considered for a "club" place in the Marathon should meet all five criteria. However, you can still enter your name if you do not meet ALL five criteria, in case all the places are not taken by those who do meet all five criteria.


  • Must have been a First-Claim, paid-up, Senior Member (or Life Member) of the Club from 1st October of the year preceding the London Marathon ballot
  • Must be affiliated to England Athletics
  • Must have completed a minimum of three road races of 5km or more as a member of the Club during the year of the London Marathon ballot, and by the time the results of the London Marathon ballot are announced
  • Must have applied for a place in the relevant London Marathon and received a rejection letter from that body. (Evidence of this may be sought by the Club)
  • Has not received a London Marathon Club Place in the previous three years

The date will be notified at least two weeks in advance to all members. Names are drawn out, usually during the annual Fairy Run. Ownership of the entry then passes to the club member.

If, after the draw is made, there is still one or more London Marathon place(s) unallocated, the committee will make a decision as to who gets the remaining place(s). The committee’s decision may be based on the criteria that the individuals have met, or other factors. e.g. participation in club league races; assistance with club organised events.

Good luck!

Coffee and Cake Run

On most Sunday mornings, Club members arrange a social coffee and cake run which as the name suggests, start and finish at a local coffee shop/cafe or suitably equipped garden centre.

Each route is made up of at least three runs for which the distance varies between 6 and 13 miles, enough to accommodate the runners out for a gentle run and those looking for a longer run.  It is very much a sociable run so no need to worry about a fast pace!

They occur most Sundays starting at 9am, but this may vary and if there is a big event taking place that many of our members will be attending, for example Club Championship races it will not normally take place.  

Route maps can be downloaded by clicking the links below.  Each route map below shows the three runs from the start finish location and are colour coded according to length;

Short - blue
Medium - red
Long - black

The routes are simple to understand; those wishing to do the red and black routes should first follow the blue route until their chosen route diverges to add the extra distance and then rejoin the shorter route later on.

The routes are listed according to their start/finish location.

Biggleswade (to Sandy)
Biggleswade (to Dunton)
Biggleswade Green Wheel
Broom Mill
Danish Camp
Grafham Water
Langford (via Biggleswade and Henlow)
Langford (via Broom)
Langford (via Shefford)
Paxton Pits
Potton (via Wreslingworth)
Potton (via Biggleswade & Sutton)
Roxton 5K
Roxton (North)
Roxton (East)
Roxton (South)
Southill (via Appley Corner)
Southill (via Shefford)
Southill (via Old Warden)
St Ives
St Neots
Waresley (via Gamlingay)
Waresley (North West)
Willington (via Moggerhanger & Northill)
Willington (South)
Wimpole - Section 1 and Section 2
Wimpole (North)
Wimpole (East)

Fairy Run

Fairy Run route
Wings, wands and the wonder - just a few of the ingredients that make up the Annual Biggleswade AC Fairy Run. Some have seen the mist, others have missed the scene! But to be a part of this amazing event will make you wonder why you didn’t join Biggleswade Athletic Club years ago and strap some fairy wings to your back for the day.
Typically run on the last Saturday before Christmas, this year’s run will take place on Saturday 21 December 2019 meeting at The Lodge car park within the Sandy RSPB.

The run starts at 10am for the Juniors and 10.30am for the Seniors.  Please note this run is a closed event and only open to members of Biggleswade AC.

Raced as a handicap run, fairy athletes flap, skip, fly and sometimes buzz round a 2 ½ mile route (juniors approx 1 mile) to be the fastest fairy back.

After the race, a warm welcome awaits us as we head to the Queen’s Head PH in Sandy for a 'fairy nice' buffet and the best dressed fairy competition will be decided.  So get yourself a Fairy name, an outfit (must be Fairy related) and start counting down the sleeps until the best race of the year!

Senior 3M Handicap Race Rules

  • To be eligible for the prize (first runner home) you must a) be a fully paid member of the club, b) be 18 years or older and c) have sent to the handicapper at least 48 hours before the race your recent race times
  • The winner of the previous year is given an extra handicap to be added to handicap time, to ensure no back-to-back winners
  • The handicapper cannot win the run (an extra handicap to be added to handicap time)
  • Details (Name and times of any recent races) of any guest/junior taking part in the senior handicap race must be sent to the handicapper at least 48 hours before the race. Note: Guests (non-members) are allowed to run at the discretion of the Fairy Run committee
  • Runners turning up on the day without the handicapper's knowledge will be given a defaulted time by the handicapper and will not be eligible to win the prize
  • It is 'normal' procedure for the winner of the previous year's race to supply the prize for the following year's race
  • A prize may be presented to the first Junior (under 18) runner home - to be decided by the Junior Coaches
  • The Handicapper's decision on times is final. Any questions, you start last!!!

Junior 1M Handicap Race Rules

  • The Junior race is targeted at junior club members and any seniors or parents who prefer to run 1 mile
  • Handicaps are allocated on the day - if required
  • Prizes are supplied and allocated at the discretion of the junior coach

Round Norfolk Relay

19th & 20th September 2020

Here we go again for the Round Norfolk Relay (otherwise known as RNR).  This 198 mile relay race is run over 17 stages including through the night.  We will be competing against potentially 59 other teams from around the country.

We hope that you are up for it again this year or have heard so much about it that you want to be a part of it.  We welcome new club members who wish to get involved and enjoy this team event.

Whether you wish to run, cycle and/or support, please find on the right a short questionnaire that will assist the BAC RNR Committee in team selection and logistics planning.  Please could you complete and return to Damien by Tuesday 9th June 2020.  

In the lead up to the race weekend, information will be posted on our forum and the main RNR website (link below).